Gold Mouth Dog Definition of The South?

Gold Mouth dog 1

“Ima gold mouth dog, definition of the South. Ain’t no quarters, ain’t no halfs, just some wholes in this house.” – Gucci Mane Laflare

Gold teeth are very popular throughout the South. People up in Maryland all the way down to Texas flex (show off) with their gold crowns and grills. Crowns, usually referred to as “caps” are made for dental restoration. People throughout the South normally don’t wear crowns for it’s intended purpose but hey, who cares? Southern people love to flex.

The best place to customize and buy a grill is at a well recognized jewelry store. Don’t consider buying a grill during financial hardship. Gold grills symbolize success, “Got to throw them thangs in my mouth to let them know when I talk the money talk. (D. Wells)” A lot of people buy and wear fake grills from flea markets, jewelry stands in the middle of the mall, and online websites. Fake, also referred to as “Fu” grills, are usually made of brass or silver dipped in gold. Platinum grills are of good quality even though they do not cost as much as gold grills.

People must undergo a dental crown procedure in order to install gold caps. Caps are permanent. Individuals who choose to install caps must have good oral health in order protect their investment and maintain the health of their natural teeth. Gold caps are usually referred to as “Street Trophies” and worn by successful street hustlers, “Erybody wanna look good. You selling that dope you gotta look like money n****. (Southern Trapaholic)” People who wear gold caps are usually referred to as being “Slugged Out” and sometimes “Goldmouth Dogs.”

Grills cost anywhere from $200 to $30,000. The price depends on the customization of the grill. Customs include things such as different karats of gold, fangs, diamonds, rubies, and amount of teeth. Gold caps range between $500 to $3,000 per tooth. Judging from its cost, it is not hard to see why gold caps are worn by successful street hustlers with intentions to flex and, referred to as street trophies.

Caps are usually worn by adult males but grills are worn by all. It isn’t unusual to see young children or teenagers at the jewelry store with their parents prepping to buy a grill or already wearing one. Adult males and females can often times be seen wearing their grills anytime of the day outside of professional settings.

Grills are a big part of Southern culture. Some may consider you lost in the sauce without one being that the type of jewelry is a normal asset to being fashionable throughout the South. Grills help people in the South do what they love the most; talk and look like money.



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